Location: Oxo Tower Wharf

Image of three black and white vases on a black table.

BY RAFFAELLA creates bespoke and one-off pieces that are handmade using the traditional coiled method. 

Raffaella Molin from BY RAFFAELLA produces mainly Black & White objects such as vases and lamps which are both functional and decorative that create an exclusive and timeless feel. 

Her current work reflects her fashion aesthetic, emulating silhouettes and the shape of the human form, while also referencing African influences and tribal art. Each piece is unique, and her techniques are inspired by the qualities of the material. Black clay is worked thick and rough in a sometimes playful and sometimes daring manner. The rugged texture and marks are unpredictable and spontaneous, giving them a unique personality. White clay is used to create smoother pieces with a softer look and finish, giving them a timeless subtlety.

Raffaella is available for commissions and bespoke ceramic work.