KCHossack Pottery

Location: Oxo Tower Wharf

Image of a pile of pink ceramic plates.

KCHossack Pottery creates handmade table and serve ware.

Karin Hossack of KCHossack Pottery's distinctive style of creating emanates the hand-feel of the maker.  Karin's pieces are known for her sensitivity to colour and the characteristic scalloped edges which decorate all of her ceramic pieces.

The line of scalloped edge table and serveware is constantly developing with new edges being introduced annually, and colours changing seasonally. By purposely choosing to keep the glazing monotone, the concept created is that by stacking the pieces one can appreciate the impact of the different edges and varied colours.

All of Karin's work is hand built. Handbuilding allows for the clay to speak for itself whilst enhancing the concept of elegant, pretty simplicity of the work. The work is made to sit on the table either en masse, stacked or mixed into an eclectic collection of ceramics.