Our developments

Oxo Tower Wharf and the River Thames

In the early 1980s, the Coin Street area of London was largely derelict. The surrounding residential community had dwindled and most shops and schools had closed.

Today, it is a thriving mixed-use neighbourhood, a destination for millions of Londoners and visitors from overseas, with a strong residential and business community with access to many community facilities and services. But there is more to do! 

Iroko housing co-op internal courtyard

Iroko Housing Co-op

Iroko Housing Co-operative was completed in 2001 and was officially opened by Ken Livingstone in March 2002.

Riverside walkway with people walking

Riverside walkway

Along much of the Thames, offices, hotels and private housing developments have cut off existing communities from the river. We

Bernie Spain Gardens design mock up

Bernie Spain Gardens

A hidden oasis at the heart of the South Bank. We own, manage and maintain the gardens for our community.

Two women speaking with children behind them

It’s been brilliant growing up here. I remember when all you saw on the skyline was St. Paul’s. There was nothing south of the river.

Cally, resident and co-op committee member