Erotic Art London

Two women looking at art in a gallery.

Bargehouse Lift: Unfortunately, our stair lift providing step-free access to Bargehouse is currently out of order. We are working hard to get the stair lift repaired at the soonest possible date.

EAL continues to grow each year, following the best event to date in April 2022.

The first of its kind in London, Erotic Art London brings hundreds of erotic art from all over the world on a multitude of different media such as photography, paintings, ceramics, poetry, drawings and much more. On top of this, there is evening entertainment, a market, instalments, workshops, presentations, and bar/food.

EAL allows artists to express themselves in any form they wish, with no judging and the chance to meet like-minded artists. EAL is a festival of erotica, combining an art gallery, interactive art, performances, presentations, food & drink. Whether you just appreciate erotic art or are an artist looking to get your work noticed, this is an event you do not want to miss! Come and mingle with like-minded individuals and make new connections!

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