F I F T E E N; Through the lens of the next generation

Portrait of a Bangladeshi teenage girl looking at the camera.

Presented by Street Child, one of the fastest growing international children’s charities, F I F T E E N showcases a collection of raw and thought-provoking images captured by teenagers in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda and Ukraine.

Step inside their world on their own terms. From active conflict zones and refugee camps to remote and marginalised communities, this exhibition explores what it means to be 15 years old in drastically different contexts.

Like these teenagers from around the world, Street Child turns 15 in 2023. And just like them, Street Child is full of energy, growing fast and eager to face the challenges of the future. In the lead up to the exhibition, Street Child has been working with local photographers in each of the five countries to host photography workshops with the 15-year-olds. This photography training complements the educational programmes Street Child delivers in these communities, providing the teenagers with an opportunity to express themselves through photographs and open their world to the creative industry.

The power is in the platform—and the platform is in their hands. Join us for an immersive celebration of youthfulness, resilience and hope.

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