Health and wellbeing

Small girl doing yoga in a family yoga session surrounded by families

Living in a big city can be difficult. We’re faced with a lot of challenges: air pollution, isolation, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. At Coin Street we tackle these problems head on, so we can help improve the lives of people in our neighbourhood. From healthy eating classes to fitness sessions at our gym, our mission is to improve the all-round wellbeing of our community.

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What's on

From family support, fitness classes and learning to art exhibitions, festivals and talks, our activities are wide and far reaching.

man working out at gym

Colombo Centre gym

Our programmes are for everyone. From local workers using the gym at lunchtime to local children playing outdoors.

Several men playing football in the outdoor pitches

Outdoor sports facilities

If you enjoy football, tennis, basketball or netball pop down! We offer indoor and outside courts and pitches for hire.

Children enjoying a dance sessions at Rambert

Rambert Dance

Our partnership with the brilliant and daring Rambert dance company began when we offered them land to build their new

Two women smiling during a community gardening session at Bernie Spain Gardens

I love getting outdoors in the fresh air, which is hard to find in central London, plus I really enjoy the social side of these sessions. You get the chance to meet people you would otherwise never get to meet in everyday life, and we really support each other. It’s like a family, especially for those without one.

Annoula, Gentle Gardening participant