Subtext 2

No need to book tickets, just turn up

Subtext 2 artwork

Presenting dynamic new artwork by Emma Hartley, Julia Noble and Lucie Feighan. This trio continue to explore fresh connections in their practice.

Subtext 2 exhibits three artist’s responses to lockdown.

For Hartley, the solitude was akin to a strange adventure. Tucked away in the Hampshire countryside, her memories brought her to France and the Impressionists. Matisse’s use of colour to reflect negative space galvanised her to explore the theme of time.

Noble reflected on adventures past to the Americas and formed an artistic alliance with an isolated community of quilters. The luminous colours of the rainforests lifted her spirits whilst the virtual companionship of the community softened her London confinement.

Feighan took residency in her parent’s vacant home in Ireland. It was an opportunity to grieve, create and be close to nature. There she transformed her ink drawings into quiet relief prints and expansive embroideries.