New Creatives 2024 | Made to Matter

Image of an elephant figure in an art exhibition.

As part of New Creatives 2024, discover 'Made to Matter' at Bargehouse, a design and craft collective expanding beyond traditional practices, showcasing a variety of made outcomes that highlight the role of designer-makers.

'Made To Matter' stands as a pioneering design and craft collective reshaping the traditional craft and contemporary design scene.

Stemming from the innovative minds of 3D Design and Craft graduates, our collective highlights the significance of hands-on making in our current and future world. Each artisan has acquired a distinct skillset that champions the value of craftsmanship and demonstrates how it intertwines with modern design. Working in a variety of disciplines, including metal, wood, polymers, ceramics, textiles and digital.

Visitors will encounter a variety of highly skilled works that challenge preconceptions and provoke conversations with the aim to redefine the negative connotations surrounding the word ‘craft’.

The ‘Made To Matter’ collective will celebrate the role of designer makers and their importance within the creative industry.

Please note, Bargehouse is not a fully accessible building. You can find out more about the accessibility of the space here.