New Creatives 2024 | art-K: Blended Journeys

Image of a woman's face and a flower.

At Bargehouse for New Creatives 2024, art-K’s annual exhibition is a celebration of the developing artistic talent nurtured in their supportive, skill-based clubs.

Visitors can view hundreds of artworks created by over 6000 students ranging from age 6 to 60+. Each student featured is at a different stage in their artistic journey and there is something to learn from every step.

- Be inspired by the ability of all students to acquire new art skills, expressed through each art-K project.

- Engage with thematic zones and interactive installations.

- Marvel at the variety of mediums; from painting and drawing to collage and sculpture.

This engaging display of imagination will leave you itching to pick up a paintbrush!

Please note, Bargehouse is not a fully accessible building. You can find out more about the accessibility of the space here.

Painting of a colourful fish.