Hayaty Diaries | Through Their Eyes: Perspectives Unveiled

Image of woman wearing a headscarf looking at the camera.

Hayaty Diaries presents its inaugural group exhibition, 'Through Their Eyes: Perspectives Unveiled' from November 29 – December 3 2023.

This captivating showcase spans across mediums, including photography, painting, sculpture, and installation, as it celebrates the work of emerging female artists from diverse corners of the Arab world.

Taking inspiration from the concept of viewer perspective, 'Through Their Eyes: Perspectives Unveiled' delves into the fundamental question of whether art inherently possesses meaning or finds its significance in the spectator's presence.

This theme deeply resonates with Arab female artists, whose personal journeys are often intricately shaped by external cultural and societal influences intertwined with the enduring legacies of colonial histories and the effects of Western 'othering'.

'Through Their Eyes' amplifies these artists' voices, celebrating their talent as they redefine audiences internationally. Featured artists include Mays Al Moosawi, Sara Ben Abdallah, Kind Adly, Amira Nazer, Huda Jamal, Farah Foudeh, Yasmina Hilal, Aliyah Alawadhi, and Nour Ammar. This exhibition, born from Arab women's intimate stories, pays tribute to the redefined narratives and spaces they create.