Loveness Lee

Location: Oxo Tower Wharf

Loveness Lee in her studio

Founded in 2016, Loveness Lee is a London-based contemporary jewellery brand specialising in hand-crafted wearable sculptures.

Loveness Lee's jewellery is handmade in London using altered, ancient jewellery techniques and traditions. Natural forms, vivid hues and irregular textures define the brand’s unique and statement style.

Founder, Loveness, is a firm believer in trusting the process when it comes to making jewellery. Letting the materials take control and allowing happy accidents take course in order to create abstract, one of a kind pieces.

Using a skilled process of cuttlebone casting, lost wax casting and enamelling, Loveness Lee manipulates traditional techniques to create naturally free-formed shapes and textures. The extraordinary creation process makes each piece of Loveness Lee jewellery as unique as the woman who wears it.

Loveness in studio

In 2019, Loveness Lee opened their flagship store at Oxo Tower Wharf.

The store doubles up as a workshop, meaning customers can browse and try on the jewellery on display whilst seeing a team of skilled jewellers working away. 


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