Gabu Chocolate

Location: Gabriel’s Wharf

Image of colourful pieces of chocolate.

Gabu Chocolate is a chocolatier selling bespoke, artisan chocolate.

Founder and chocolatier, Lisette Davis, is deeply passionate about chocolate, its origin and its process.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, she meticulously sources her cocoa from regions such as Grenada, Dominican Republic, and Madagascar.

Recognising that the current supply chain in chocolate is controversial and sometimes unethical, Lisette pays particular attention to having a good relationship with the cocoa estates, to ensure there is no slavery in the chain.

At Gabu Chocolate, every cocoa bean is carefully selected from Fair Trade sources, empowering both producers and customers.

Lisette adores being part of the creative community at Gabriel's Wharf and finds joy in crafting chocolate creations that delight her customers. Be sure to visit and try her delicious chocolate next time you're on the South Bank.

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