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Explore our talented designer-maker community, based at the iconic Oxo Tower Wharf – the home of Creative London.

Oxo Tower Wharf is an award-winning, landmark building situated on the riverside walkway, part of London’s fast-moving South Bank and Bankside areas. It is home to some of the UK’s most innovative and internationally renowned contemporary designers, restaurants, cafes, bars and exhibition venues, gallery@oxo and Bargehouse.

The Oxo Tower Wharf is an outstanding space allowing creatives and entrepreneurs to flourish and thrive. Its two floors of creative studio space are home to a variety of creative designers working in fashion, graphic design, jewellery, ceramics, lighting, product design and more.

Four new promo videos, directed by filmmaker Jonah Wyn Pugh, offer an exciting insight into four of our remarkable creatives at Oxo Tower Wharf:


Katherine Elizabeth Millinery

Katherine Elizabeth is an award-winning millinery designer.

All her pieces are handmade with love and care using fine French lace, Italian silks, and hand-embellished appliqué and beadwork. Her hats are perfect for Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup, Kentucky Derby, Epsom Derby, Punchestown Races, Galway Races, weddings, and for mothers of the bride.

Katherine tells us that what she loves about hats is that they’re pieces of art that you can wear. All her hats are unique and one-off pieces, handmade in her Oxo Tower Wharf studio. Her designs are influenced by art, architecture and nature.

Empowering people and women are what’s important to Katherine. She handmakes everything to match each detail of her clients – including their dresses, personalities, and face shapes. She never wants any woman to wear the same hat, as it’s more exciting to create an unusual hat. Her goal is to make every client wearing her hats feel taller, more beautiful, and special.

Experience that special feeling for yourself and commission a bespoke hat from Katherine Elizbeth Millinery.

Visit Katherine’s website and Instagram to see her full range of handmade hats:


Sima Vaziry Jewellery

Sima Vaziry is an award-winning jewellery designer who creates beautiful handmade designer jewellery.

Her first collection was chosen by the British Museum in support of a major exhibition in 2011 and proved to be very successful. To date, she has supplied six collections to the British Museum.

Her jewellery designs are inspired by Persian, Afghan and Middle Eastern art, calligraphy, graphics and architecture, and everything is done by hand. Her pieces are non-political and non-religious – her work is about feelings and the good things in life.

She designs jewellery in order to tell a story, and she wants people to be aware of what they’re wearing and the stories behind their pieces. By looking at them you might not be aware that they have a story, but knowing each piece has a story makes you appreciate the jewellery even more.

Explore a story of your own, and commission a Middle Eastern influenced bespoke piece of jewellery from Sima Vaziry.

Take a look at Sima’s full jewellery collection on her website and Instagram:


Josef Koppmann

Jeweller Josef Koppmann creates individually crafted collections constructed and forged from sterling silver and 24ct gold.

Having studied at the Arts and Crafts College in Vienna, Josef set up his own studio in London and opened his Oxo Tower Wharf studio in 2008.

Josef’s sculptural and geometric forms are predominately made in sterling silver with a 24-carat gold overlay, fused together using traditional techniques. The abstract texture that results reveals the intense colour of the 24ct gold, while contrasting with the gentle and cool shimmer of the silver.

The central focus of Josef’s work is stones, which is also the starting point of his work. He doesn’t decorate anything around the stone, he only enhances what is already there and what is given by nature. He also takes inspiration from modern architecture – the geometric volumes, the strong clean lines and the textures are all reflected in his work.

If you’re looking for something unique, handmade, and you’re interested in meeting the maker, visit Josef Koppmann at the Oxo Tower Wharf.

Explore his full collection of jewellery on his website and Instagram:


Rose Schmits

Rose Schmits is a trans ceramicist from Delft, the Netherlands. Her ceramic work is inspired by her experience as a trans woman and her heritage as someone who hails from a city with a rich pottery history.

Her ceramics include porcelain vessels seemingly having sprouted spidery legs and tentacles ready to scuttle away. The lively vessels function as a commentary about the changeability and variety of bodies, as well as exploring a different approach to ceramic practice.

All her work in some way “misbehaves” as she puts it. The vessels she creates will always have an element to them that plays with the idea of what ceramic art can be, whether this is putting phrases relating to contemporary issues or making vessels that don’t quite work in the way you expect a vessel to function.

For Rose, the process of taking a ball of clay, and turning that into a ceramic piece of art, is part of the theme of transformation and change that runs throughout her work. She thinks of her studio as a permanently open studio: people can come in and see the work and also see how it’s made.

Get your hands on a “misbehaving” ceramic for yourself, and commission a unique ceramic piece from Rose Schmits.

Explore Rose’s full collection of ceramics on her website and Instagram:


Come and explore all we have to offer at Oxo Tower Wharf and meet the talented makers in our designer-maker community. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke hat, a beautiful piece of jewellery, or a quirky ceramic, there’s something for everyone here at Oxo.

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