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Our ‘Maker of the Month’ series takes a closer look at the talented designer-makers at Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s South Bank. Each month highlights a new designer-maker and explores each maker’s story, product, and creative process.

For this instalment of the series, we spoke to Ricky Lee Jones of naedlae, a creative hair studio at Oxo Tower Wharf. Ricky is a professional hairdresser and a natural haircare formulator. When he’s not working on clients with the rest of his team, Ricky works behind the scenes on the creation of his new haircare line, set to launch very soon!

In Ricky’s own words, he says:

“We’ve been part of the Oxo Tower Wharf community for just over two years now, and we absolutely love it! I love the way that we’re all in different creative industries, and we’re all here to support each other. The prime location on London’s South Bank also gives us a central London location for our regular clientele to visit.

Salons on the high street are quite busy and quite hectic, whereas somewhere like naedlae is a lot smaller, and clients receive a 1:1 service from their stylist or technician from start to finish. It’s a more relaxed, intimate vibe. Our studio consists of a very small team of experienced freelance London-trained hairdressers, working in styling and colouring."

"I’ve been in the professional hairdressing industry in London for over twenty years. As a professional hair stylist, I’ve always been intrigued by how hair products are formulated and manufactured. I wanted to know how they worked and why there were so many synthetic, manmade ingredients used within haircare products, and I knew there must be a way to incorporate more naturally derived ingredients.

For the last three years, I’ve been working on the naedlae brand and our first product. In fact, the studio is actually named after the product brand and not hairdressing, and our logo has some inspiration from our main natural ingredients.

Oxo Tower Wharf has given me the space where I’m able to work on both of my passions, and we’re hoping to launch the first product in 2024.

The whole idea is to create a fully transparent and honest professional product range which is made by using fully naturally derived ingredients. Instead of using exotic ingredients which are flown in from the other side of the world, I’ll be using local ingredients and ones which are unusual but have great benefits for the hair and scalp.”


Visit naedlae at Oxo Tower Wharf to find out more about their upcoming haircare product line, or to book yourself in for a cut or colour treatment with one of the fabulous naedlae team.

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