Child learning and development at Coin Street Nursery

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We believe every child’s learning process is unique, and support their natural disposition to explore, investigate and discover things that interest them.

If you would like to find out more about our approach to teaching and learning please read our Coin Street Curriculum and Assessment Policy. As your children progress through our nursery, we will be using the government guidance document Development Matters 2021 to inform our curriculum and track their progress.

How do we sequence learning in our nursery so that children meet their full potential? Please read the following...

Our staff and children are from diverse backgrounds which are reflected in our nursery. We choose activities that extend each child’s learning and development process and also broaden their horizons.

Our nursery is part of Coin Street’s Ofsted Outstanding Family and Children’s centre, which offers an exciting range of free programmes you can take part in.

Parents as partners

We develop strong relationships with parents in order to support you as your child’s main educator. We offer support during the settling-in process and maintain regular contact through a key nursery worker.

Three times a year your child will be a ‘focus child’, where observations will be made by all practitioners and collected to form a picture of your child's learning and development. Following this, your child’s key person will meet with you to share their findings and jointly agree with you on their next steps.

I am constantly amazed at the wonderful opportunities the nursery provides my son to expand his horizons and learn more. They are great at using the local facilities and he always looks forward to going in. He has learnt the basics of numeracy and literacy which has been excellent to see

Parent satisfaction survey feedback 22-23

Creative environments

Our recently refurbished nursery is purpose-designed, with interactive areas for educational activities including a sensory room, an expressive arts room, a separate dining area, and an outside play area where children can explore and enjoy their environment.

Children take part in a wide range of activities including sessions at Rambert dance company’s headquarters. We also take regular trips to local places including the Tate, the British Transport Museum, London City Farms, and even China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year!

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